Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Benefits to Wearing a Lace Wig

When I first developed Alopecia Areata it was easy to hide my hair loss by wearing ponytails. But over time my hair loss became extensive to the point where there was nothing I could do to hide it besides turning to a wig. My initial thoughts of wearing a wig scared me because all I knew at the time were the regular synthetic ones. I was filled with so many emotions from losing my hair that I thought I was losing my identity of who I was. I was literally forced into a wearing a wig because I could not leave my house or go to work in the corporate world without a decent hairstyle. Within a day I went from having medium length natural hair to a short synthetic two-tone color wig. This wig took all my confidence a way because it looked just like a wig and everyone knew I wearing one. Years later (2008) I was introduced to lace wigs from a friend. My whole world changed and I could feel my confidence coming back everyday from wearing my first lace wig made with real remy human hair. I could not believe all the things I could do with my lace wig! I was able to wrap it, curl it, restyle it, color it, put heat to it, throw it up in a ponytail, and people actually thought it was my hair. The lace wig was also much lighter on my head compared to the regular wigs. Most of the time, I forget that I am even wearing a wig. I received so many compliments wearing my lace wig than I did with my regular wigs. I actually had people ask for the stylist name that did my hair. Now that blew me away!

I just named most of the benefits of wearing a lace wig, and the other benefits are:
  • Longevity - Lace wigs are very durable and properly taken care of they can last longer than a year. 
  • Price Advantage - I realized my cost savings with my first lace wig purchase. Prior to my purchase I spent between an average of  $80/month on regular wigs because they never lasted longer than a couple of days or weeks. My first lace wig cost me about $450 for a 12" Indian Remy, which included the cost of installation. I wore this wig for a year and half, which saved me $510! My stylist actually gave me a mini-session on how to apply & remove my own lace wig to save more money. So  as you can see, lace wigs can save you money. You can still visit your stylist to have your wig washed and styled for much less than it would cost for natural hair.  
  • Versatility in Activities - You can play any sport (work-outs, swimming, boxing, basketball, etc) in your lace wig and it will not fall off. Experiment with color and protect your natural hair from the use chemicals. 
  • Versatility in Hairstyles - I fell in love with this benefit of wearing lace wigs. You can switch your style quickly by going from straight to curly and back to straight. Lace wigs come in so many different lovely hair textures and colors. 
If you are in the process of deciding to wear a wig, I highly recommend that your first wig be a lace wig. Start with a style similar to how your natural hair was style, so it will be easy for you to become comfortable with it. If you are not ready for a full lace, try a lace front wig which will give you similar benefits as the full lace. The lace front only has lace in the front of the wig, while to back has the same design as a regular wig. Lace wigs offers so many great benefits, that when you wear one you will never go back to a regular wig!