Thursday, May 17, 2012

Summer Waves & Curls...What's Your Style?

Summer time will be here before your know it! This is the season where I will either rock the waves or a short hair style. This year I will be doing loose waves with color. There are so many other wavy & curly styles I love. This is one of the benefits of wearing a lace system because you can change the texture of your hair any time you want! I do get a little over excited when talking about lace systems and when I design them especially the curly units. The most important thing about owning a wavy or curly lace system is how to care for the hair properly to make it last a long time. Remember your unit is an investment & you have to take care of your investment. Follow these tips to keep your waves & curls looking great every day!

Caring for your Wavy/Curly Lace System

Tip 1: Always wash your unit on a mannequin. This will prevent tangling and gives you control over washing the unit properly.

Tip 2: Use a Fortifying shampoo for donor natural curly hair. If hair was processed with curls, waves, and color use a shampoo designed for chemically treated hair that is sulfate-free. I recommend using Mixed Chicks Sulfate-Free Shampoo.

Tip 3: Whatever you do...DO NOT brush or comb the hair while wet. This will cause frizzing and damages the tresses over time. Use a wide tooth when the unit is fully dry.  Try to only comb the hair a few times a day because obessive combin will lead to shedding and frizzing.

Tip 4: Keep the moisturized daily with water-based moisturizer that can be made at home. To make the water-based moisturizer, you will use mix together 1/3 of conditioner and and 2/3 of water in a spray bottle. A small amount of Moroccan Oil treatment is good for wavy/curly hair. Stay away from heavy oils.

Tip 5: Do not use any heat on the tresses for this will weaken the hair and cause it to break. If you must use heat for a staright style, do it once a month. It's good to have a curly unit & straight unit, that way both uses are being cared fo properly.

Are you ready for your summer hair? Call me 703.651.2593 today to design your wavy or curly lace system!