Friday, April 27, 2012

Are you suffering from Traction Alopecia?

Hair loss comes in many different forms of Alopecia. In this post I will be discussing Traction Alopecia, which is a form a hair loss that is caused by constant pulling and tension around the hairline. This type of Alopecia is most common in women who styles their hair in a tight bun, ponytails, cornrows, relaxers, weaves, and braids. Over time these types of hairstyles will lead to hair loss due to the constant pulling and tension on the hair. If the hair loss is not treated immediately, it will lead to excessive and permanent hair loss.
How To Reverse Traction Alopecia
Traction Alopecia can be treated in its earliest stages by washing, deep conditioning, and giving your hair an hot-oil treatment once a week. During the process of nurturing your hair back to normal, you can wear an glueless lace wig as an alternative protective style. Wearing a lace wig for protective styling will increase the growth of your hair because it is not being exposed to the environment. If you want to glue or tape your lace wig down, use a wig cap to protect your edges. The lace wig should only be attached between two to seven days.

How to Prevent Traction Alopecia
Take action immediately when you start to notice that your hair has changed at the temples, sides, and front hairline. Wash your hair on a weekly basis using an clarifying shampoo such as Carol's Daughter's Rosemary Mint Shampoo, condition with Carol's Daughter's Rosemary Mint Conditioner, and follow with an hot oil treatment with Moroccan Oil treatment. Avoid wearing hairstyles that involves any tugging and pulling on the scalp. If you choose to braid your hair, braids should be loose versus tight. Do the same with a ponytail and bun.

The products mentioned above are only recommended. The Carol's Daughter Rosemary Mint Collection ( works as a detoxification of the scalp and the natural peppermint oil stimulates & re-energizes the hair and scalp. The Moroccan Oil Treatment ( restores the hair that has been damaged by chemical procedures and environmental factors. This product can be found online and in various hair salons.

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**I am a Wig Specialist, not a Cosmetologist professional, my recommendation is based on pure experience and research because I myself suffer from Alopecia Totalis.