Monday, April 29, 2013

Alopecian GirlTalk | Weekend w/No Makeup...Milestone

Hi Couture Beauties! I am so excited to share with you what I did over the weekend that is like a major milestone in my Alopecia journey. I faced the world with NO MAKEUP...not one bit except my Vaseline Cocoa Butter Jelly for my lips. I was standing in my bathroom mirror staring at myself wondering & pondering if I wanted to put makeup on or not. I've been real excited about the growth of my eyebrows and being able to shape them...thanks to Simplicity Hair Oil. I've been applying this oil on my eyebrows every night since December when I lost a chunk on my left brow and they've been growing in ever since. So I decided to skip the makeup and go bare face.

The last time I actually went without makeup was in 2004 before my Alopecia got extensive. Traveling this Alopecia journey is a huge challenge, so I try not to get my hopes up too high about any of my hair growth because the chances of it falling out again are high. In the same sense, I can't help but to get a little excited about the hair growth that does occur.

Here's a photo I took last night, which is not a good one because I was dead tired and you can see it in my

Nail Inspiration | Watercolor/Marble Nail Art Using Plastic

I spotted this chic nail design via Pinterest (yes...I'm quite the Pinterest addict) and attempted to try this nail art myself. I haven't had any type of nail art on my nails since high school, which was years & years I found this nail activity to be fun & time-consuming at the same time. I used four different types of polishes and a piece of plastic to achieve the watercolor/marble nail look. I followed the same directions that was

Friday, April 26, 2013

Hair 'Nspiration | Ciara's "Body Party" Bob Hairstyle + Video

Hey Couture Beauties! Ciara just released her video this week for her song "Body Party" and it is haute with a capital H. What I love most about the video is Ciara's medium-length classy bob with highlights. It's the perfect length where you can have fun restyling it multiple ways. Straight asymmetrical bobs is like one of my classic hairstyles because you can have a sexy look, corporate look, and causal look in a quick minute. Check out Ciara's pics & video and let me know what you think of Ciara's hair. Enjoy!

Image Source: Google Images

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

10 Things Every Woman Needs In Her Makeup Wardrobe - Daily Makeover


Ladies...Do you truly have all your must needed items in your makeup bag??? After reading this article on Daily Makeover, I had to make a quick list of makeup products I need to have in my bag.

Monday, April 22, 2013

HAPPY EARTH DAY! Recycle Your Wig

Celebrate Earth Day by trading in your gently used wig to Couture Lace Crowns & Receive up to $75 on your purchase of a customize lace system. Email for more information.

Visit to visit the Couture Lace System Gallery.

Be Green & Recycle Your Wig

Bango Hair Cut Kit By Pro Beauty

Hi Couture Beauties! After I did all that hard work last week trying to cut & trim my bangs multiple times, over the weekend I found this cute chic tool TRM PRO BEAUTY BANGO HAIR CUT KIT flipping through the latest Women Health magazine. I just love it when new tools come out that help you DIY at home without heading to the salon for something simple. This Bango Hair Cut Kit is a must have because it will definitely come in handy when I am styling wigs for clients and myself. I wish I had it prior to cutting my bangs.

Have you tried the TRM PRO BEAUTY BANGO HAIR CUT KIT? If so, let me hear what you you think about this fabulous tool?

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Couture Lace Crowns' Spring Sale on All Custom & Semi-Custom Lace Systems

Visit the Couture Lace Systems Gallery to view the luxury collection of Lace systems. Great Mother's Day gift to look fabulous on this special day! Email orders to or call 703-651-2593.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Hair 'Nspiration | Picks From Essence's Textured Tresses

Essence posted photos online of celebs sporting their textured tresses and this was perfect timing for the Spring season. I like four of the celeb styles as shown below. I just love waves and curls and having the wind  blow through the hair. Are you lusting after those luscious curls and waves? Visit to design your lace system full of curls and waves. 

Which celeb style do you like?

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Wig Making Series | #LongHairDontCare With Bangs (Updated)

Within the past year since opening Couture Lace Crowns, I've been in the process of perfecting my craft in making wigs. I am finally at the point where I can make a wig and actually wear I am learning a lot of what it takes to make a simple wig and for it to be perfect. The gurus on YouTube make it look so easy, but when I started making one myself, I quickly realized there's a lot more involved than just weave, string, glue, lace, and a needle. You need a ton of patience and practice, practice, practice.

I decided to make a wig last week to wear to my daughter's hip hop dance performance and I really wanted to sport the bangs, which is currently in trend. I was not able to do a video on this wig because I was extremely busy with working and taking my daughter back & forth to dance practice. I started the wig on Thursday night and finished the final product on Saturday. Overall, it took me about four to five hours to make a full wig. I did manage to take quite a few photos during the wig making process.
Updated Photo w/Bangs thinned out on the sides

Monday, April 15, 2013

Beauty Product Review | Ruby Kisses All Over Glow Bronzing Powder

I am just loving my new bronzer from Ruby Kisses in Flushed Glow! I found this bronzer at my local beauty supply store when I was restocking my wig supply. I've been looking for a bronzer that will give me a pinkish glow and this was it. This bronzer is very pigmented, so I only dab a little on with my ELF blush brush above my jawbone for an added glow.

What are some of your favorite bronzers? 

My Hair Is Thinning....What Should I Do?

Hi Couture Beauties! I hope you all had a great weekend. I had to do my dance mom thing with my daughter who had a hip hop performance over the weekend. Being a dance mom is a lot of work and I'm not even the one Anyway, a question came up last week from someone I met on if I would recommend hair extensions for thinning hair. It really depends on the method used to install the hair extensions. If the hair extensions will be sewn to the your braided hair, my response would be "No". I understand that hair extensions are a huge trend because you see them being advertised everywhere, but they will only lead to more damage and hair loss when sewn to hair that is thinning. The hair extensions weighs down on your natural hair, which pulls it from the scalp and ultimately leads to hair loss.

Protective Styling for Thinning Hair

Friday, April 12, 2013

Hair 'Nspiration | Bangs & Fringes

I'm in the process of making a quick wig for an event that I will be attending tomorrow. I've been inspired by all these hairstyles with bangs lately, and the wig that I am making will have some bangs. Bangs will always & forever be a constant trend because you can go from a causal to a classy & sexy look in a hot minute! Check out the celebs sporting their bangs & fringes.

Image Source: Google Images

Which celeb style to you like the most? Are you inspired to get bangs?  Visit to design your custom crown with bangs.

Why Can't I Get My Lace Wig To Bond Anymore?

When I was a first-time lace wig wearer, I ran into an issue where I could no longer achieve a good bond the way I did when I first purchased my unit. I washed it several times with my shampoo as instructed, but to no avail the lace wig would still not adhere properly to my skin. Fast-forward through many years of wearing lace wigs and learning how to clean them properly, I found that a regular shampoo wash is just not enough to get the job done of removing all the residue...especially if your lace wig was bonded for more than two weeks. Think about it....sweat, oils, and dirt has been building up on your skin and the lace for over two weeks. Sound nasty, but it's true. This combination sometimes leave behind microscopic residue, if you're only washing your unit with regular shampoo.  I use Arm & Hammer Baking Soda and Neutrogena Anti-Residue Shampoo products in addition to my shampoo to help remove any residue left over from removing the adhesive and tape. These two products are powerful and works fast.

How to Use Arm & Hammer Baking Soda and Neutrogena Anti-Residue Shampoo To Remove Residue:

Thursday, April 11, 2013

What You Shouldn't Do When Your Hair System (Lace Wig) Is Bonded

Spring is finally here & the temperature is rising. With the temperature rising, we must keep a few things in mind when our hair system is bonded. I encountered a mishap the other day with my partially bonded hair system and let me just say that I was disappointed in myself because I should have known better! The temperature was in the mid-high 80's, so I cruised home after a long workday with the windows down and sunroof open enjoying the warmth of the sun on my skin. I checked that mirror (which I often do) to make sure my hair and face looked good...only to see my hairline was a little glossy. I went to dab the area with my finger and it was sticky. This event made me think about some things that should not be done while the hair system is bonded.

  1. Avoid Extreme Heat/Humidity - regardless of the type of bond you use, the extreme heat & sweat will still break it down. So when in the car on a sunny hot day, use your A/C to protect your bond from melting. If you can't avoid a hot steam room, sauna, or Jacuzzi  protect your bonded unit by wearing a scarf of some type, but this may not protect your bonded area fully. 
  2. Avoid Roller coasters Sky Diving, Swimming and similar activities - Daily/weekly bonds will not hold your unit when doing a high performance activity. To enjoy these activities  you would need to wear a bond with a stronger hold that last up to 6 weeks.
***Prior to bonding your hair system, use a scalp protector and a perspiration blocker which acts as a barrier to minimize sweat, body oils, and odor.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Rimmel London 60 Seconds | Caramel Cupcake

I’m just so in love with neutral earth tone colors and fell absolutely in love with Rimmel’s 60 Second Nail Polish in Caramel Cupcake that I spotted at Walmart. Price point was amazing too. This beauty was under $2! According to the instructions, only 1 application is needed and nails will dry in less than 60 seconds. With me being an on-the-go Working Mom, I need a polish that dries speed fast and it did exactly that! I actually applied two applications because I wasn't satisfied with how the first application looked, and sealed the polish with my Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat (best top coat ever).  Take a look:

Monday, April 8, 2013

Brandy Poses For Pynk Magazine With Long Sleek Tresses

Check out Brandy with her GORGEOUS self on the cover of Pynk Magazine!!! I am loving the hair, makeup, and fashion pieces that she is posing in for this magazine shoot. Brandy is definitely expressing to the world this she got this & and she is all woman. In the current Pynk Magazine issue, Brandy talks about her new album, being Chardonnay in The Game, and life as a mother and soon-to-be wife with Pynk Magazine. Click here to read what's current with Brandy. Check out more photos of Brand below. Which pose do you like best?

Image credits: Pynk Magazine

Want hair like Brandy...visit

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Best Hair Buys For Hair Systems (Lace Wigs) & Hair Extensions With Different Textures

Hair systems & Hair extensions have become extremely popular over the last five years...mostly because it's the best accessory that completes any outfit. The most popular hair for hair systems & extensions is the Remy hair where the cuticles are still attached because the hair can last up to two years IF taking care of properly. Remy hair comes in various hair types and textures and it's important to use the right products to care for the hair that is curly, kinky, wavy, or straight.

The most IMPORTANT thing to remember when buying hair products is to look for shampoos & conditioners that are sulfate-free & alcohol-free. These two ingredients will dry out the hair and making it brittle. Hair systems and extensions are an investment and should be treated with the best care possible.

Straight/Relaxed | Curly/Wavy | Kinky 
Best Products for Straight/Relaxed Hair
  • Creme of Nature Argan Oil collection (Shampoo, Conditioner, & Leave-in Conditioner)

Best Products for Curly, Wavy, & Kinky Hair
  • Mixed Chicks Sulfate-Free Shampoo, Deep Conditioner, & Leave-in Conditioner diluted w/water in a spray bottle

Best Products for all Hair Textures
  • Nunaat's Silicon Collections
  • Moroccanoil Hydrating Styling Cream & Moroccanoil Oil Treatment 
The product brands mentioned above are what I use on a regular basis and have kept all my units in great condition. Again, I must stress that when you are shopping for hair products to maintain your hair system or hair extension remember these key words: Sulfate-Free & Alcohol-Free!