Monday, June 25, 2012

Removing Your Lace System

Removing your lace system is a very simple process and I find it to be less difficult than the application process. Please know that care needs to be taken when removing the system to avoid damage to the lace as well as your skin. The items that you will need to get started is a ponytail holder, a few hair clips or bobby pins for the baby hairs, solvent remover (I use Lace Release and C-22), 91% or 99% alcohol, cotton balls, and a microfiber cloth.

  1. Pull hair into ponytail to avoid getting adhesive on it.
  2. Apply the adhesive remover to the attached areas around the perimeter of your hairline. Allow the solvent to soak into the lace for a few minutes. Use more solvent if needed.
  3. Gently and slowly remove the lace crown. Be careful not to pull the lace crown.
  4. After the lace crown is removed, be sure to remove any excessive adhesive with an old toothbrush, microfiber (best at removing adhesive), or mirror (slide the lace system on the mirror to remove excessive adhesive), solvent or alcohol gently working in circular motions. Knots can become loose if scrubbing roughly.
  5. Read the instructions HERE on washing your lace crown.
  6. Use a scrub or comb to remove the adhesive from your hairline.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Best Cowash for Virgin Remy Hair

I must admit that I am such a product freak and became worse when I developed Alopecia Areata! Anyway, I couldn't resist myself as I was shopping in Sally's Beauty Supply store to try this new product called Coconut Cowash by As I Am. I purchased this cowash to not only try it on my daughter's hair, but also tried my new Brazilian Virgin Remy Couture Lace system. I must say this cowash is wonderful and I give it all 5 stars! The cowash smells like fresh coconuts and reminds me of the islands. It leaves the tresses moisturized, soft, shiny and smelling good. I recommend the Coconut Cowash for virgin hair systems and hair systems that have a curly, wavy, and kinky texture. By the way, the cowash is reasonably price!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Adhesives: Putting Safety Before Beauty

Time to have a serious talk about the dangers behind adhesives used with lace wigs and hair extensions. The summer heat maximizes the effects of adhesives and extra precaution needs to be taken when choosing the right adhesive and tape. If you are not aware...some adhesives on the market can be deadly if absorbed in the skin. Countless stories has been reported with women getting sick or dying because of lace wig/extension adhesives. Adhesives absorb quickly in the skin when you are sweating and have oily skin, especially in the summer because of the heat. We have to put safety before beauty. 

Warning Signs that Your Lace Wig Adhesive is Causing Your Sickness

  1. Excessive headaches
  2. Burning sensation in adhesive areas
  3. Itchiness in adhesive areas
  4. Spasms
  5. vision blurriness
  6. memory loss
  7. slurred speech
  8. tremors
  9. weakness
  10. confusion
  11. fatigue
  12. difficulty breathing - Asthma
The chemicals that are in some adhesives that can lead to major illness are Toluene and Latex. So my advice would be to stay away from any of the products that contain these two ingredients or use extra layers of scalp protector and only have your lace hair system attached for up to seven days. 

Due to the dangers and sensitivity behind adhesives, Couture Lace Crowns does not sell any of these products or the tapes. Adhesives and tapes can be purchased at Always test adhesives in a small area of your body for allergic reaction. I cannot stress enough...ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS use a scalp protector before applying any lace adhesive.  
You do have alternatives to using adhesives that contain Toluene and Latex, which are water-based adhesives. Water-based adhesives are medically safe as well as being skin and environmental friendly. Most of the tapes on the market are water-based as well. Another alternative is wearing a Glueless lace hair system or have a full lace hair system designed with adjustable straps.

Have a Beautiful & Fantastic Hair Weekend and remember to put safety before beauty!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Fave Couture Hairstyles this Week

I was watching Basketball Wives & Single Ladies last night and I instantly fell in love with two of the celebs hairstyles...Evelyn & Lisa Raye. Evelyn's updo hairstyle with the swooped bangs was very classy, sexy, and sophisticated. Keisha from Single Ladies aka Lisa-Raye has her hair styled in a wavy bob with honey blond highlights that gives her whole look an instant "POP".  Both celeb looks can be achieved with a Couture Lace Hair System. Have your Couture Lace System designed to mimic your favorite celebs hairstyle. Visit today.


Thursday, June 7, 2012

Choosing the Right Hair Type for Your Lace System

The other day I was in a conversation with an beautiful Asian young lady who was explaining to me that she has had a difficult time in finding the right wig that matches her hair type. She has Alopecia Universalis and it was important for her to wear a wig that matches her ethnicity. All the places that she bought her wigs from were all made with Indian Remy hair, and this hair type just did not agree with her background ethnicity. Indian Remy is the most common human hair in the weave & wig industry, so when a customer walks into a beauty supply store, that is usually the only choice of hair they are able to purchase. I told her about Couture Lace Hair Systems, and I was amazed that she was not familiar with lace wigs as I explained the details to her about the wigs.

Today, women have a number of hair type choices to choose from that matches their ethnicity and backgrounds when they are customizing their lace system.  *Remember when a lace system has been permed and/or color-treated, it is no longer Virgin because it has been processed.

Indian Remy - This is the most common hair on the market.  The Indian texture is versatile for different cultures. Hair is naturally thick, less tangling, and the straight texture waves up when wet. Its soft waves texture mimics European hair. Great for processing into a yaki and kinky texture. Virgin Indian hair is naturally dark.

Chinese Remy - This is the second most common hair type next to Indian. The hair is very straight and coarse. Hair is naturally dark and not as shiny as the Indian Remy. The natural straight texture waves up when wet.

Malaysian Remy - This hair type is becoming more popular for women of color because it resembles permed hair and is replacing the "Light Yaki & Yaki" textures. When a wig is stated to have a yaki texture means it was processed to obtain the texture. The Malaysian Remy is highly recommended for women of color who want the relaxed hair texture. The hair is thick, soft, and silky to touch. The hair have the same density as Indian but does not have a natural wave when wet.

Brazilian Remy - This hair type is unique because is it comes in various textures and colors. The texture is smooth and soft as well as having a lot of body. It is more heavier, thicker, and dense compared to the Chinese and Indian Remy hair. Has less shine than Chinese and Indian Remy. This hair type can be expensive because of its texture and uniqueness.

Mongolian Remy - Hair texture is straight with a little body to it and comes in a natural brownish black color and is similar to European hair. The hair is very soft and silky to touch. Will hold great curls in its natural state, less curls when more textured. This hair type can be expensive because of its texture and uniqueness.

European Remy - This hair type is lighter and thinner than all the other hair types and is butter soft and silky to touch. This hair type can be expensive because of its texture and uniqueness.

It is already devastating to any woman who has lost her hair to Alopecia, cancer, or any other type medical condition. It is even more devastating when she cannot find the right type of hair on a wig that resembles the hair that she lost. Choosing the right type of hair for a hair system requires a specialist who is knowledgeable in the wig industry.

If you are ready to customize your lace hair system. Contact Me today! I will walk you through the process and explain everything to you in detail so that you can be on your way to being bold, beautiful, and face the world with full of confidence. You can also visit my to see my collection of luxury lace hair systems.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Stay Cool While Rocking Your Lace System this Summer

Ladies..Are you feeling the heat yet? These past few days has been HOT! During hot days like this it’s very important that we take care of our scalps and make sure we are getting the proper ventilation through our lace systems. After surviving through the hot Memorial Day weekend I thought of some ways we can stay cool while rocking our lace systems. Going bald is just not an option for some of us.  So let’s get it in.

  1. Cleansing Your Scalp Properly and Thoroughly. This is one of the most important steps prior to applying your unit. Exfoliate to remove any and all residue from your scalp.
  2. Apply Adhesive in Thin Coats & Use Thin Tape. Before apply your adhesive and tape, clean the your scalp with alcohol and apply a scalp protector around the perimeter of your scalp. This method will not only give you a better bond during the hot & humid weather, but also prevents skin irritation.
  3. Use a Knee-High vs. Wig Cap. Wig caps are too thick to wear during the summer and it increases the sweat because it blocks proper ventilation to your scalp. Use a sheer knee-high because the material is very thin and allows more ventilation to the scalp. Use can also opt for a net cap.
  4. Try Different Lace Systems Cap Styles. I normally wear lace fronts with the open caps during the summer time because it allows for the air to flow through cap to my scalp. Another cap style that would be perfect for the summer are the Glueless cap styles because you don't have to be bothered with bonding your unit.
  5.  Buns & Ponytails are perfect for the hot & humid days. Wearing your hair in buns will help protect it from overexposure from the sun.
I hope these tips will be useful in helping you stay cool this summer while rocking your beautiful lace system.
Need help in finding the perfect summer lace hair system? Contact me today!