Wednesday, March 27, 2013

How To: Ways To Achieve A Natural Part On Lace Wig

For the last few years, I have tried various methods on trying to achieve perfect part in my hair system. I love wearing a slightly slanted right side part. When I first started wearing lace systems, I would part my hair, clip the sides, and wear a scarf for a few hours to get the hair to lay down in the direction I needed it to lay. Below are some of the other methods that I have used to create that perfect part.

Skin Tone Knee High/Wig Cap - If you have hair, it's a must to wear a wig cap or knee high. I recommend wearing a knee high because they come in different colors that matches various skin tones and are much thinner than the normal wig caps.

Bleaching Knots - Coloring the knots at the base of the lace a lighter color to a light brown to blond. This is my most least recommended option because if the bleaching process is not done correctly, it can weaken the knots and the lace system will begin to shed hair excessively.  

Concealer/Foundation - This is a very simple method and helps to hide the knots at the base of the lace systems. You would apply your concealer/foundation with a concealer brush or Q-Tip where you have parted your way and you have perfected your part!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Lips Found A New Bold Color With Mary Kay True Dimension Lipstick

Hi Couture Beauties. I always have a difficult time finding the right bold hues that flows with my skin tone and keep my lips moisturized at the same time. Mary Kay Cosmetics came out with a new lipstick line called True Dimension a few months ago and I finally got my hands on tube. I have falling completely in love with my new lipstick. It makes my lips feel so soft and moisturized. The color stays on for hours where I only had to reapply once. The color that I am wearing in the photo below is called Spice and Nice.

Have you tried Mary Kay's latest lip colors? 

Spring Cleaning | How to Simplify Your Closet & Space With Vanchic

Spring is FINALLY here Couture Beauties! This is a great time to clean out our closets and get organized. I recently interviewed the beautiful Kim Clark (Mastermind behind Vanchic) on how we can simplify our closets and stay fashion forward. Kim is an experienced stylist and organizational guru and her "top priority is to inspire you to de-clutter all aspects of your life and think glam!" You can learn more about Kim & Vanchic by subscribing to her VanchicOrganization YouTube channel. So beauties let's find out from Kim on how we can simplify our closets and space so that we can be organized fashionistas!

Nicole - Keeping it simple is what a lot of us women are striving to do in today’s times. What are some ways to simplify our closets and stay fashion forward?  

Kim - The best way to live simpler but still be a fashionista is to buy staple pieces. Staple items are basics that will fit in with your style and can be integrated into multiple outfit combinations. Most importantly staple pieces should transcend from season to basics are lace bras, dark skinny jeans, flats, tank tops, silk ruffle neck blouses and black leggings.  These are clothes I remember loving 10 years ago, right now in 2013 and hopefully 10 more years from now. Keep your fashions classy and don't always jump to buy the newest trend...once the trend goes out of style you'll be stuck with clothes that don't interest you anymore nor will it relate to your other closet pieces.  Think of classic, timeless and transcendent outfit elements...blazers, little black dress, sweaters, pearl studs... The greatest way to simplify is prioritize the projects in your house and purge.  If you have a list of projects that never seem to get done, take a lazy Sunday and knock them out.  Purge your clutter, un-used items and things that have no value (like stupid knick-knacks that take up counters and valuable home space!)

Nicole -How often should the clothes and shoes in our closets be revamped?  

Kim - Your style should be revamped and sorted through every season.  That sounds like a lot of maintenance, but it will help you get to know what you already's like taking inventory!  Optimize what you already own and shop your own closet before you hit the mall.  Sometimes us girls like to buy the same thing over and over...we like what we like!  Sorting through the closet is a great way to look at what truly fits, what's worn-out and what staple items are needed! Make sure each season you are revamping by adding in one or two statement pieces; printed dress, drop-dead gorgeous beaded blouse, chandelier earrings, spiked heel, printed pants, floral button down...It's all about balance, plus you don't want to look boring!  I also love revamping my style by swapping clothes with a friend the same size as's free :)

Nicole - Are there any rules to certain clothing items in our closets? 

Monday, March 18, 2013

Spring Is The Season for New Hair. New Cut. New Color.

Lately, I've been hearing ladies saying that they want a new look for Spring but are too scared to touch their natural hair. Being that I've been a wig wearer for many years, I'm here to tell you that wearing wigs offers you unlimited styling options all while protecting your natural crown. With wigs, you have so many options to choose from such as hair type, texture, color, density, size of curls and the list goes on. If it's your first time switching up your style, it's best to seek help from a professional and do the change in moderation so that you won't end up feeling like you made a big mistake.

Here are a few photos of me in different wigs and you can see more here.

Ready for you new change this Spring? Visit

Friday, March 15, 2013

Hair 'Nspiration | Beyonce & Her Lusicous Waves

Image source: Beyonce's Tumblr

I am so in love with Beyonce's hair! I think I may have multiple Hair 'Nspiration on just her hair. It's the waves, texture, dimension of color tones, and hair volume. Just too PERFECT! This is the part where making a hair decision becomes complicated because you see photos of short sexy hair styles, then a photo pops up with long luscious locks like Beyonce's.

What do you think of Bey's hair? Haute or Not

Sheer Luck by Pure Ice

Happy Friday Couture Beauties! Haven't been able to blog at all this week due to my heavy schedule being an Accountant/Hair Replacement Consultant. It's tax season and Spring is near, which is a time when us women want to try different styles, colors, and textures of hair :) Anywhooo... let's get to the point of this post. St. Patrick's day is on Monday and I found a pretty nail polish at Walmart to wear for this day. Teh polish is called Sheer Luck by Pure Ice and it's a glitter polish with purple and blue specks. This would look great over a white base polish. Now I just need to create a face look to complete the polish. Check out the photo below....

What polish will be on your nails for St. Patty's Day?

Friday, March 8, 2013

Hair 'Nspiration | Bria Murphy's Spicy Red Hair

The other night I was reading the latest Ebony issue and was in awe when I flipped to the Dark & Lovely ad campaign for their new Go Intense hair color with Bria Murphy. I was shocked to see that Bria colored her hair! Normally, her hair is like a natural brownish black color. In this ad campaign, her hair is a reddish tone called Spicy Red. Spicy Red is a must have for me! I immediately searched Bria's Intsagram account to see if I could find more pics of her hair color to get a better view. She is such a beautiful young lady and this hair color just enhances her beauty. Dark and Lovely is one of my favorite hair color brands because their range of colors are so beautiful and perfect for every skin tone.
Right Image Source: Instagram/Bria_Murphy

What color are you looking to update your hair with? Please share your comment below.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Yellow & Black Eye Look

Beauties the snowstorm in the DMV had me stuck in the house yesterday doing just about everything. I read some blogs, cleaned my house, cooked a big breakfast, had some fun mommy time, and then I decided to play in my eye makeup. Below is a look that I was able to come with on my right eye along with the products that I used.

Products Used For Eyes
Too Faced Shadow Insurance Lemon Drop
NYX Eyeshadow Base
NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk
BH Cosmetics 88 Standard Matte Eyeshadow Palette
Avon Glimmerstick Waterproof Eyeliner in Blackest Night
Wet 'N Wild Mega Eyes Creme Eyeliner in Black
Mary Kay Love Lash Mascara in I (Heart) Black

Products Used For Eyebrows
Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil #004 Black Brown
Hard Candy Concealer Pencil in Light

More looks coming soon!

XOXO, Nicole

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Beyonce In Bleach Blonde Hair For Pepsi Ad Campaign

If your following me on Intsagram, Twitter, & Facebook you know I've been talking about changing my hair color. Talking about all this hair color change, I spotted on a recent Pepsi promo photo of Beyonce who just changed her blond hair to BLEACH BLOND. I so did not see this one coming, but as always Bey did that! I'm enjoying all the Pepsi ads that Beyonce has done thus far. She is really putting in work representing not only Pepsi brand, but her brand as well for her upcoming Mrs. Carter World Tour.

Image spotted @

Are you inspired to change your hair color for the Spring/Summer season? 

XOXO, Nicole

Friday, March 1, 2013

Hair & Beauty N'spiration | Tamar Braxton Graces The Cover Of Hype Hair Magazine With Pure Glam

Photo Credit:
Tamar gave life to Hype Hair's March issue and she put the G in GLAM! I am so in love with her hair, makeup, and nails.  Tamar's hair color really hasn't changed much and is the perfect shade for the spring season. I just love the smoky eye and nude lips. I'm still trying to master the smoky eye look. Can't wait to get my hands on this issue and try to master making me a Tamar wig. I see my Saturday will be busy trying to duplicate Tamar's makeup look :-) Beauties wish me luck with that one.

XOXO, Nicole