Monday, February 27, 2012

Wig Tip Monday - Conditioning Your Lace Wig

One of the keys to keeping your lace wig moisturized and soft is by lightly spraying or applying leave-in conditioner on the hair every 2-3 days. You can make your own leave-in conditioner by mixing in a spray bottle 10% regular hair conditioner and diluting it with 90% water. Do not use any hair products that contain sulfate and/or alcohol because it will dry out the hair that will ultimately lead to tangling and breakage.

*Applying excessive leave-in conditioner and other hair products will cause build-up that will lead to tangling. 

Couture Lace Crowns is Open....FINALLY!!!

Good Day to all the Beautiful Women! I am truly excited to announce that Couture Lace Crowns is now open for business. Being diagnosed with alopecia for over 10 years has increased my passion for hair and my concern for other women who experience any type of hair loss or hair problem. I opened my company on the foundation of being able to help women who are struggling with hair loss and to let them know they are not alone. Wearing a lace wig has increased my confidence over the years and I know it will do the same for other women. Our lace wigs that we carry are hand-crafted with 100% Premium Remy Cuticle Hair with hair types ranging from Indian, Malaysian, Chinese, and Brazilian. Click here to visit Couture Lace Crowns today. 

Monday, February 20, 2012

Wig Tip 102

Overnight Protection of Lace Wig 
Wearing a satin bonnet is the key to preventing dryness and tangling of the strands on a lace wig. You can wake up in the morning with your hair looking fresh with minimal maintenance. At night, prepare your hair by either braiding it, use flexi rods, or a ponytail and then place the satin bonnet over your head. For double protection, sleep on a satin pillow case. When the lace wig is not attached, it is still important to protect it by covering it with a satin bonnet or scarf.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Wig Tip 101

When I developed alopecia totalis, I went through countless wigs because I had no idea how to care for them. It took years of trial and error to understand how to care for my pieces and expand the life of them. I've learned the best way to care for a lace wig is the same way I had cared for my natural hair. If you give your pieces some TLC, it will do the same in return. Stay tuned for more wig tips...Couture Lace Crowns is coming soon.   

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Effortless Beauty

Courtesy of The Carter Family

Beyoncé and Jay-Z finally shared with the world pics of their heavenly little princess. Beautiful is the only word that came to mind in describing the pics…especially the pic of Beyoncé holding her baby Blue. She just makes being beautiful effortlessly. Beyoncé still kept her glam style in check and managed to be extra gorgeous after giving birth. Her hair is on point…not a curl out of place! Her make-up is a natural look. One of the best things about wearing a lace wig is that you can always look good as long as you take good care of it.
You can view more pics of Baby Blue HERE.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Congenital Heart Awareness: February 7th – 14th

Four years ago, I gave birth to my third son – a boy, named Christian. He was cleared as a healthy bouncy baby boy, and I enjoyed those first few days of his infancy feeling blessed. But on the third day, Christian’s short life took a rapid turn. He was diagnosed with several congenital heart defects, the main one being Tetralogy of Fallot. In critical condition, he underwent his first open-heart surgery when he was just seven days old and his second open-heart surgery at six months old. I was completely blind-sided and scared to learn my son was born with a congenital heart defect. I thought I had a healthy pregnancy and delivered a healthy baby, but I didn’t and no one saw it coming.  

Today, I could not be any happier with my little angel. He is an overly active, energetic, and happy child. I am so proud of my baby. He is growing normally and acts no different than any other child. Christian is my true miracle baby!

CHD Info:
  • ·         One in every 125 babies is born with CHD every year in the United States, alone.
  • ·         CHD kills twice as many children s childhood cancer
  • ·         Still, pregnant women are not routinely tested – and newborns are not routinely screened – for CHDs. CHD often go undetected until sometime after birth, and it may be too late.

CHD Awareness Week is Feb. 7 – Feb. 14. This is the week where individuals, local support groups, national and local organizations and congenital cardiology centers around the world help education the public about congenital hearth defects. I am a member of Little Hearts, which is a national organization that has provided support, and education to our family since CHD’s changed our lives. 

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Woman Dies From Weave Glue

Atasha Graham (not pictured above), 34, a housewife died from a massive allergic reaction that could have been caused by the glue used to attached her hair extensions. Read the story HERE. Ladies, please test the glue in a small section of your body for possible reactions prior to applying it. You can achieve the perfect style without glue by wearing a Glueless lace wig. 


What is all the talk about with RIHANNA?!!! It’s her hottest new look…Blonde Bombshell with sexy layers. You just gotta love Rihanna because she is always rocking the hottest styles. Keep it coming…Diva! The color brings out all of her beauty. She tweeted that her hair is a mixture of bleach and weave. So Ladies you know what that means….you can have a lace wig designed to mimic the same style that Rihanna is rocking. 


This is a perfect style to bring in the Spring season. Do you want to channel Rihanna for the Spring season?  Couture Lace Crowns is coming soon just in time for the season.  

Thursday, February 2, 2012


My eyebrowz are still in the process of recovering from when I had alopecia universalis. So right now, my brows appear over-plucked and sparse. Anyway, on my out the door for a trip to the Walmart my son said "Mom, you're missing something" and he just keep pointing at my face. I never leave the house without my face (makeup) on. I ended up going to Walmart without my makeup and I felt naked! This is something I just cannot do anymore. Thank goodness I wore my lace wig with the bangs to disguise by barely there eyebrowz. My favorite eyebrow liner is by Maybelline. I cannot live without this liner. Though I am thinking about trying out the lace eyebrowz.