Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Healing Your Lace Adhesive & Tape Burns

Adhesive and tapes burns usually occur when your skin is sensitive or when your lace wig has been attached for a long extended period of time. For me, I only have my wigs attached between two to four days because of the sensitivity of my skin. I normally go glueless and leave the attachments for special occasions. Trial and error is the only way you will know how long you can have your lace wig attached. I usually recommend that lace wigs be attached for up to two weeks and this is for women who do not have overly sensitive skin.

If you notice dark areas around your hairline when removing your lace wig this is a burn reaction from your adhesives and/or tape. Immediately clean the area with peroxide using a cottonball and follow up with applying Aloe Vera, A & D ointment, or Vaseline to help aid in healing the burn mark. Body Jelly by Carol's Daughter is another great product to use that helps the advance the healing process of burn marks. I have personally used this product. Continue this method everyday (Morning & Evening) until the area has healed and refrain from applying any adhesive and tape during this time. The healing process usually takes a couple of weeks or up to a few months. During the healing process, you can opt for a glueless lace wig.