Monday, March 31, 2014


Hey Beauties! I am excited to announce the upcoming Bald Women Rock! Conference taking place on September 19 - 21st. This event is being presented by two of my favorite Alopecia support groups Sisters With Alopecia Group (SWAG) & Beautiful Bold Bald Women (BBBW). I will be speaking at the event to elaborate on Couture Lace Crowns and giving information about lace hair systems. If you or a friend/family are experiencing Alopecia or transitioning to being bald, this is an event not to be missed! You can purchase tickets at

Please join us in September and be inspired! 
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Friday, March 28, 2014

{Spring Beauty Trend} Loving My Orange Nails

Hi Beauties! Orange is quickly trending and becoming the new spring color. I choose to wear on my nails using the Spoiled's new nail polish in Everyone's A-tomic. I must say the aside from my favorite Zoya nail polishes, I am quickly falling in love with Spoiled nail polishes by Wet n Wild. I've been able to wear my polish for 4 full days without any chipping or peeling. I must say this brand of polish is a Winner!  
How are you wearing the color Orange?

Sunday, January 5, 2014

{Beauty Product Review} Anastasia's Brow Genius in Brunette

Hi Beauties. Last month, I treated myself to several beauty gifts and one of them was the Anastasia's Brow Genius Kit in Brunette. I purchased this product at Sephora's for $24. I read in a few reviews that this product was perfect for Alopecians because it is waterproof so I had to try it. See below to see how it turned out.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Beauties It's Been A While...But

Hi Couture Beauties! Yes, it has been a long time since my last post, but I am still here. Since the passing of my mother, I have been going through a tremendous amount of emotions and changes. I must say that I've been struggling and having a hard time bouncing back to life. I am no longer the Nicole I was prior to my Mother's passing. It's like my whole life did a 360 in a day. Things that meant the world to me then, no longer has the same meaning. If any of you beauties have lost a loved one, I know you understand what I am saying. Even though I have had my weak points, I've been very strong with the strength that God has given me to move forward and focus on being positive (as my Mother would say). I cherished every moment I've been able to spend with my Mom and have memories that will last always. She was such a great mother, teacher, friend, and woman. I always looked up to Mom because fits the poem of being a phenomenal woman.

To help with the grieving process, I've indulged myself in studying for my MBA, which was one of my Mom's wishes for me to accomplish that goal. Couture Lace Crowns is still up and running and the focus is on women who suffers from medical hair loss from chemotherapy treatments, alopecia, lupus, and other medical conditions. One thing I missed about my mom is getting all glammed up in her wigs & makeup and never allowing breast cancer to take her beauty or shine away. Also, in my down time from my career and studying, I am putting my makeup kit together to add makeup application services to Couture Lace Crowns. So if I have any beauties located in the Northern Virginia area, stay tuned for more information about my makeup services.

I will be posting more to keep you updated on the latest hair & beauty goodies! Stay tuned.