Friday, May 3, 2013

RIRI WOO Sold Out!!! Did You Get Yours?

I know I did! I received a text from MAC around 12pm yesterday alerting that RiRi Woo was now available to buy online. I clicked the link to add to my shopping cart and it took forever for the screen to proceed to my shopping cart. It took at least 10 minutes, but it was okay because I was already on my lunch break and I had nothing but time. At first I thought I was going to get the message "Sold Out", but there it is was sitting in my shopping cart! I quickly added a few more goodies and checked out. This is actually that first time I was able to purchase an exclusive item without it being sold out. From what I have read and hear this morning, RiRi Woo sold out in 3 hours. Wow...Rihanna is making 2013 her year! I can't wait to try the color. I'm not a red person, but hey doesn't hurt to try it out and add it to my collection.

Did you get RiRi Woo? What was your shopping experience like?