Thursday, May 23, 2013

Double Dipping Your Makeup Brushes

Hi Couture Beauties! This post is about thoroughly cleaning your makeup brushes not just so you start with a clean brush with each new makeup application, but also to avoid those nasty eye infections. If you have Alopecia like myself and have or started to lose your eyelashes, we are more prone to eye infections because we no longer have those lashes to protect the dirt & dust from getting into our eyes. So it's very important that we keep the eye area free from dirt and always always always deep clean our makeup brushes.

What prompted me to do this post is because I experienced my own eye crisis yesterday and ended up at the eye doctor and was told I had an infection which was caused by allergies. I immediately went home and cleaned all my makeup brushes. I normally clean my brushes daily with mild baby shampoo, but last night I decided to double dip the brushes in 91% alcohol. I know for sure that process would sanitize my brushes. I also dipped my eyeliners in the alcohol solution as well. The downside to having this infection is that I cannot use any of my makeup brushes for at least two weeks because the doctor said no eye makeup for two weeks! What's a girl to do in a crisis like this?! Safety before Beauty is #1.