Thursday, May 16, 2013

Couture Lace Front Hair Systems & How Long They Last

Hey Couture Beauties! Lately, I've been getting a lot of questions about the life of a lace front wig. Determining how long a lace front wig last all depends on the how often it is worn and the care of the unit.  I've personally wore my lace front wigs for well over six months before the hair started to shed aggressively from the track. By sealing the track you able to extend the life of the lace front wig because this process decreases the shedding of hair. Another reason why I stretch the life in my lace front wig is because I was going to get my money's worth. Let's get real Ladies...lace wigs are an investment that needs to be protected, so our money is not wasted.

I design two different types of lace front systems and you cannot find these types of wigs at your local beauty supply store.

Closed Cap Lace Front Hair System

Open Wefted Lace Front Hair System

The lace used to make the lace front wigs is Swiss lace, which is undetectable and gives the illusion of a scalp. Both types of lace fronts offer great benefits for alternative hair-styling when it comes to wearing up-dos and ponytails and it's also a great option for protective styling. If your hair is damaged and cannot withstand sewn in hair extensions, lace front wigs are a great alternative to achieving the hairstyle that you want.

I usually recommend clients to purchase one full lace and a replica of the full lace in a lace front. That way both systems can be alternated to extend the life in both. If it's your first time in wanting to try a lace wig, I highly recommend that you go for a lace front before getting a full lace system.

To see the different types of hair systems click the tab above "Shop Couture". For a quote on a full lace or lace front hair system, send me an email to