Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Essential Wig Tool Kit

To keep Remy or Virgin hair looking fabulous at all times, it's important to have the right products in your wig tool kit. Yes....we should all have a tool kit if you wear wigs and/or hair extensions. I will share with you the products that are in my wig kit that helps me extend the life in my lace crowns. Being that I have alopecia totalis, I treat all my wigs like they are my best friends. I went through trial and error to find the right products that worked great on my Remy and Virgin lace units.

Snapshot of some of the items in my Wig Kit

Nicole's Essential Wig Tool Kit
  1. Nunaat's Silicon Fortifying Shampoo
  2. Nunaat's Leave-in Conditioner
  3. Mixed Chicks Deep Conditioner
  4. As I Am Coconut Cowash (Use on my virgin units)
  5. Pump it Up Freeze Spray (Great Knot Sealer)
  6. Moroccan Oil Treatment (This serum is awesome & smells good too)
  7. Comb
  8. Paddle Brush
  9. Duck clips
  10. Bobby pins
  11. Hair bands
  12. Satin bonnet
  13. Satin scarf
  14. Shower cap
  15. Foam Mannequin head
  16. Mannequin stand 
  17. Spray bottle (used for conditioner/water mix)
  18. Scalp protector
  19. 91% Rubbing Alcohol
  20. C-22
  21. Cotton balls
  22. Q-tips
  23. Mini brushes 
  24. Supertape strips
  25. Walker's No Shine strips
  26. Salon Pro 30 Second Lace Wig Bond
  27. Scissors
I think I just about covered every essential item I have in my wig kit aside from the flexirods, blow dryer, curling iron and so on. Most of these items you can purchase at your local beauty supply store, Walmart, and online. So when you invest in your lace unit be sure to have similar items in your wig kit to care for your lace unit.