Thursday, July 26, 2012

Are Lace Wigs Worth The Investment?

"Lace wigs are the Rolls Royce of wigs" - Essence November 2011 Issue

The above statement from Essence is soooo true and should answer the surface of the question on if lace wigs are worth the investment. I am writing this post because I am always finding myself educating others on why lace wigs have such an high price tag. I had a client the other day tell me that she was looking for a 16" or longer full lace wig with Indian Remy hair under $100. For as long as I have been wearing lace wigs I have not ever seen an Indian Remy full lace wig over 16" priced under $100. Not even the manufacturers overseas will go that low! After educating the client about lace wigs, she had a whole new view about them and no longer consider them as a regular wig.  

Lace wigs are incomparable to machine wigs because they are designed to look like the hair is growing from your scalp. The creation of lace wigs are labor intensive because the hair is knotted by hand strand by strand to a lace base, and can take between 30 to 60 hours to complete.

Benefits of Lace Wigs
For individuals like myself who suffer from Alopecia, lace wigs are worth the investment! I've been wearing wigs for a total of nine years and five of those years I have been wearing lace wigs. When I was introduced to lace wigs, I immediately became addicted because I was able to see all the benefits of wearing them. I instantly regained my confidence from losing my hair and I was able to style the hair they way I wanted. I was no longer limited to wigs that didn't fit properly and couldn't style. Below are the benefits of lace wigs and why they are worth the investment. 
  • Light, Breathable, and Undetectable
  • Natural hairline
  • Can instantly change your style and color any time you want
  • Easy to maintain and care for
  • Can wear in a ponytail and updos
  • Fit for any lifestyle
  • Last up to a year or longer (depending on care)
  • When averaging yearly cost, a lace wig is more affordable than weaves and machine wigs. 
Pricing of Lace Wigs

The actual price of a lace wig varies because it depends on the components that make up the complete lace wig package. The cost of a lace wig depends on the of the hair quality (synthetic, virgin, remy), hair texture, hair type,  length, density, cap type, and hair color. Inside of Essence's November 2011 issue was a resource guide to help you understand the pricing of lace wigs:
  • Under $100 -  Short styled Synthetic lace wigs
  • $101 - $400 - Long Synthetic and Human Hair Lace front wigs
  • $401 - $700 - High-end Human Hair in a full lace and lace front wig
  • $701 & above - Consulting a stylist to customize a unique lace wig
From looking at the list above, if you find a long Human Hair full lace wig priced under $100 who should question the seller before buying. As the saying goes...You will get exactly what you paid for.