Saturday, April 21, 2012

French or Swiss...Which Lace is best?

Lace wigs are made with a number of different type of laces ranging from German, French, and Swiss. I am sure there are others that I did not mention. The two laces that will be spoken about within this post are the French and Swiss. These two are the primary laces that are used to make undetectable wigs. French lace is very durable, allows ventilation to your hair, and undetectable when adhesive is applied. Swiss lace is similar to the French, but is very thin and delicate. Swiss lace gives a more natural look than the French. Both laces can be matched to any skin tone to get the undetectable look. If you are a first-timer in wanting to wear laces, I recommend the French over the Swiss. When purchasing a lace wig at Couture Lace Crowns, you have a choice between French or Swiss lace. 
Source:  French Lace

Source:  Swiss Lace
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