Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Top 5 Tips to Keeping Your Lace Wig Looking Good Every Day

1.       Wash & condition hair often. If you wear your unit every day, it is best to wash it once a week. Try to stay away from products that contain alcohol for it dries the hair out causing it to become brittle. Take notice of the hair’s origin when selecting hair products. Most African American products are too heavy for the tresses on the lace wig. Try products like Nunaat Silicion, L’Oreal, MoroccanOil, and Garner Fructis. Do not allow any of the hair products to sit on the base of the lace too long for the knots can become loose causing the hair to shed. Remember to use a knot sealer before and after every wash.

2.       Take caution when drying. The best way to dry your unit is by air drying preferably overnight.

3.       Use a wide tooth comb and ceramic/loop paddle brush. Comb or brush the hair often to avoid matting and knotting. Always start from the bottom working your way up near the roots. Never brush the hair while wet.

4.       Wigs require regular maintenance. Special attention is needed for human hair lace wigs at least every two months.  A stylist will wash, condition, trim, and restyle the wig just like he or she does for a client.

5.       Properly store your wig. When you are not wearing your unit, it should be placed on a mannequin head covered with a satin scarf or stored in a satin bag.

Following these tips will help in prolonging the life your lace wig making it worth your investment!