Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Tips for Alopecians with Oily Hair

If you are an Alopecian that has oily hair, I know all about what you are going through with trying to reduce the madness. Back when I had alopecia areata, by the end of the day my hair was extremely oily like someone poured a gallon of oil over my head. I would wash my hair every day. Anyway, I was on checking out their makeup & beauty section when the title “Oily Hair? Get Rid of It With These Tips” caught my attention.  I wish I had known about half of these tips years ago. Below are some tips that may be helpful for you. Click Here to read why the following tips work.

Tip 1: Dye your hair
Tip 2: Rinse with vinegar
Tip 3: Put oatmeal on the scalp
Tip 4: Style hair with curls & waves
Tip 5: Use minty hair products **I recommend using Carol’s Daughter Rosemary Mint Shampoo
Tip 6: Use baby powder
Tip 7: Skip a couple washes * I wish I did this.
Tip 8: Keep styling products off the roots
Tip 9: Wash your hair with cold water
Tip 10: Allow hair to air dry
Tip 11: Use & carry around dry shampoo
Tip 12: Hide the greasiness with the right hairstyle *Wear a wig or style in a bun
Tip 13: Don’t use conditioner