Thursday, April 18, 2013

Wig Making Series | #LongHairDontCare With Bangs (Updated)

Within the past year since opening Couture Lace Crowns, I've been in the process of perfecting my craft in making wigs. I am finally at the point where I can make a wig and actually wear I am learning a lot of what it takes to make a simple wig and for it to be perfect. The gurus on YouTube make it look so easy, but when I started making one myself, I quickly realized there's a lot more involved than just weave, string, glue, lace, and a needle. You need a ton of patience and practice, practice, practice.

I decided to make a wig last week to wear to my daughter's hip hop dance performance and I really wanted to sport the bangs, which is currently in trend. I was not able to do a video on this wig because I was extremely busy with working and taking my daughter back & forth to dance practice. I started the wig on Thursday night and finished the final product on Saturday. Overall, it took me about four to five hours to make a full wig. I did manage to take quite a few photos during the wig making process.
Updated Photo w/Bangs thinned out on the sides

The hair that I used was human hair blend by Bobbi Boss All in One pack in various lengths 12", 14", & 16" that I purchased from the local beauty supply store. I didn't want to waste good money on Remy hair that I may end up trashing. I used a weaving net cap for my base and a hot glue gun to attach a few tracks to the back, but it was not sticking to the weave cap. I ended up sewing the tracks on by hand, which is why it took me a while to finish. I will try to record my next wig making session where I will be using a lace wig cap that I purchased from Lily from Check out the photos below and let me know your thoughts.

Lesson Learned:  Use the right type of scissors when cutting & trimming the bangs. Still in training on that one. Didn't know so many different types of scissors existed on the market. My bangs were a little too thick on the sides in the photos, so I went back in with a razor comb and thin them out more.