Thursday, April 11, 2013

What You Shouldn't Do When Your Hair System (Lace Wig) Is Bonded

Spring is finally here & the temperature is rising. With the temperature rising, we must keep a few things in mind when our hair system is bonded. I encountered a mishap the other day with my partially bonded hair system and let me just say that I was disappointed in myself because I should have known better! The temperature was in the mid-high 80's, so I cruised home after a long workday with the windows down and sunroof open enjoying the warmth of the sun on my skin. I checked that mirror (which I often do) to make sure my hair and face looked good...only to see my hairline was a little glossy. I went to dab the area with my finger and it was sticky. This event made me think about some things that should not be done while the hair system is bonded.

  1. Avoid Extreme Heat/Humidity - regardless of the type of bond you use, the extreme heat & sweat will still break it down. So when in the car on a sunny hot day, use your A/C to protect your bond from melting. If you can't avoid a hot steam room, sauna, or Jacuzzi  protect your bonded unit by wearing a scarf of some type, but this may not protect your bonded area fully. 
  2. Avoid Roller coasters Sky Diving, Swimming and similar activities - Daily/weekly bonds will not hold your unit when doing a high performance activity. To enjoy these activities  you would need to wear a bond with a stronger hold that last up to 6 weeks.
***Prior to bonding your hair system, use a scalp protector and a perspiration blocker which acts as a barrier to minimize sweat, body oils, and odor.