Wednesday, March 27, 2013

How To: Ways To Achieve A Natural Part On Lace Wig

For the last few years, I have tried various methods on trying to achieve perfect part in my hair system. I love wearing a slightly slanted right side part. When I first started wearing lace systems, I would part my hair, clip the sides, and wear a scarf for a few hours to get the hair to lay down in the direction I needed it to lay. Below are some of the other methods that I have used to create that perfect part.

Skin Tone Knee High/Wig Cap - If you have hair, it's a must to wear a wig cap or knee high. I recommend wearing a knee high because they come in different colors that matches various skin tones and are much thinner than the normal wig caps.

Bleaching Knots - Coloring the knots at the base of the lace a lighter color to a light brown to blond. This is my most least recommended option because if the bleaching process is not done correctly, it can weaken the knots and the lace system will begin to shed hair excessively.  

Concealer/Foundation - This is a very simple method and helps to hide the knots at the base of the lace systems. You would apply your concealer/foundation with a concealer brush or Q-Tip where you have parted your way and you have perfected your part!