Thursday, June 7, 2012

Choosing the Right Hair Type for Your Lace System

The other day I was in a conversation with an beautiful Asian young lady who was explaining to me that she has had a difficult time in finding the right wig that matches her hair type. She has Alopecia Universalis and it was important for her to wear a wig that matches her ethnicity. All the places that she bought her wigs from were all made with Indian Remy hair, and this hair type just did not agree with her background ethnicity. Indian Remy is the most common human hair in the weave & wig industry, so when a customer walks into a beauty supply store, that is usually the only choice of hair they are able to purchase. I told her about Couture Lace Hair Systems, and I was amazed that she was not familiar with lace wigs as I explained the details to her about the wigs.

Today, women have a number of hair type choices to choose from that matches their ethnicity and backgrounds when they are customizing their lace system.  *Remember when a lace system has been permed and/or color-treated, it is no longer Virgin because it has been processed.

Indian Remy - This is the most common hair on the market.  The Indian texture is versatile for different cultures. Hair is naturally thick, less tangling, and the straight texture waves up when wet. Its soft waves texture mimics European hair. Great for processing into a yaki and kinky texture. Virgin Indian hair is naturally dark.

Chinese Remy - This is the second most common hair type next to Indian. The hair is very straight and coarse. Hair is naturally dark and not as shiny as the Indian Remy. The natural straight texture waves up when wet.

Malaysian Remy - This hair type is becoming more popular for women of color because it resembles permed hair and is replacing the "Light Yaki & Yaki" textures. When a wig is stated to have a yaki texture means it was processed to obtain the texture. The Malaysian Remy is highly recommended for women of color who want the relaxed hair texture. The hair is thick, soft, and silky to touch. The hair have the same density as Indian but does not have a natural wave when wet.

Brazilian Remy - This hair type is unique because is it comes in various textures and colors. The texture is smooth and soft as well as having a lot of body. It is more heavier, thicker, and dense compared to the Chinese and Indian Remy hair. Has less shine than Chinese and Indian Remy. This hair type can be expensive because of its texture and uniqueness.

Mongolian Remy - Hair texture is straight with a little body to it and comes in a natural brownish black color and is similar to European hair. The hair is very soft and silky to touch. Will hold great curls in its natural state, less curls when more textured. This hair type can be expensive because of its texture and uniqueness.

European Remy - This hair type is lighter and thinner than all the other hair types and is butter soft and silky to touch. This hair type can be expensive because of its texture and uniqueness.

It is already devastating to any woman who has lost her hair to Alopecia, cancer, or any other type medical condition. It is even more devastating when she cannot find the right type of hair on a wig that resembles the hair that she lost. Choosing the right type of hair for a hair system requires a specialist who is knowledgeable in the wig industry.

If you are ready to customize your lace hair system. Contact Me today! I will walk you through the process and explain everything to you in detail so that you can be on your way to being bold, beautiful, and face the world with full of confidence. You can also visit my to see my collection of luxury lace hair systems.