Friday, January 11, 2013

Wig Consultations Is A Must!

Yesterday, I posted on Facebook that when you invest in a lace crown that a wig consultation is a must. I know many are probably asking why. Well the process is similar to buying a car where you choose the car you want, color, and all the other luxury options. When your buy a wig at your local beauty supply store are limited to the wigs they have and you do not receive any type of personal service. 

Buying a lace system is an investment and you should get exactly what you want. Essence stated in their November 2012 Issue that "Lace wigs are the Rolls Royce of wigs". Investing in a lace system is a luxury purchase and a wig consultation is an luxury service. When investing in a lace system, you should always have a full or mini wig consultation to go over all the options available to design your crown. Click here to learn more about Couture Lace Crowns Wig Consultations.