Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Keeping Alopecian Nails Beautified

Hey Couture Beauties!
Over the weekend, I had a mini-spa day with my favorite girls (Mom, Sister, & Daughter). We went to get our nails glamified. I rarely get my nails done because of my Alopecia. Living with Alopecia over the years, I learned that the immune system does not just attack the hair follicles; it attacks the nails too. One of the signs of having Alopecia are the pitting (pinpoint dents) of the nails that may be associated with dark lines and discoloration. I'm still doing research to figure out why the nails are affected with the onset of Alopecia.
My thumb nail with the dark line,  discoloration, and deformity (slowly going away).  
Being a woman who loves glam, I strive to keep my nails looking freshly manicured everyday. There are things you can do to hide the pitting and other minor issues with the nails. For me, I do a combination of things and the gel nails are one. I do the gel nails every so often when I have a little extra money on the side or if I feel I need the extra pampering. The gel nails are perfect because it hides the imperfections of the nails. When I do my own nails, I use a ridge filler, nail revitalizer, cuticle oil, and a hand cream with Vitamin E that I mix with a little of Ammonium Lactate Cream 12%. When I started experiencing the deformity over the summer, my dermatologist prescribed the Ammonium Lactate Cream 12% (over-the-counter), which has been working in the regrowth of my nail.
Freshly manicured nails

If you have Alopecia and are experiencing nail pitting, seek a dermatologist and avoid any type of nail enhancements.