Thursday, September 6, 2012

Hair For the Corporate Diva...Hair loss in the Workplace

Hair loss in the workplace is something that I have personally struggled with for the last 13 years due to my alopecia. We as women are always told to dress to impress and for our hair & makeup to be near perfect. When the onset of sudden hair loss occurs, it leaves women feeling unattractive and lack self-esteem.  The psychological effects of hair loss can have a negative effect on the productivity in the workplace.  

Invest in your Couture Lace Hair System to help you feel not only confident, but also beautiful as you enter the workplace. With the lace system, you have no more worries on wondering if coworkers can see your thinning hair or bald spots. Prior to wearing wigs, I would constantly change my style to cover up my bald spots so no one would notice, but after a while not worked except the lace system.   You can have your lace system customized and styled for your perfect professional look. Visit to see our luxury collection of lace systems.