Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Beautiful Bold Bald Woman = Support!!!

Latina Benthall launched her first support group event for Beautiful Bold Bald Woman this past Saturday, September 22nd in Hampton, VA. I must say that this event was very inspiring, and I was excited to be invited being that I also suffer hair loss in the form of Alopecia Totalis. Beautiful Bold Bald Woman is an organization for any woman who experiences various forms of hairloss and is having a hard time dealing the psychological effects of the hair loss. If you are in the Hampton, Virginia surrounding area, attending one of Beautiful Bold Bald Woman’s support group meetings is a MUST!!! You cannot fight the challenges of hair loss alone; you need support to help guide you to living your best life that God has meant for you to live. 

Beautiful Bold Bald Woman Mission  
“To help women and individuals who suffer from ALOPECIA hair lost. Seeking to HELP spread ALOPECIA awareness through public events and exciting fundraisers, in hopes to accumulate proceeds that will contribute to a cure for an illness that has affected many women, such as myself. God has handcrafted us this way for a Purpose; His purpose, which would be to help women and other individuals stand strong and become confident in our own skin. I HAVE ALOPECIA, ALOPECIA DON’T HAVE ME!!!!”

Personally, every time I attend a support group meeting I learn how to deal with my alopecia in a different way that increases positivity in my life. I encourage you to attend Beautiful Bold Bald Woman’s next support group meeting. To find out when the next meeting is or to learn more about the organization, visit www.facebook.com/BBBW.ORG today.