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All About Concealers & How to Use Them

Being that I am an aspiring make-up artist, I have been on the road of educating myself within this wonderful field of beauty. I must admit that it has become quite addictive! I have been on the search for understanding concealers and how to choose the right ones to cover up skin imperfections and keeping oil at bay. Today, I was on Nicole Lundy's blog who is referred to as the "Beauty Magician" in the beauty industry and she gave great information about different types of concealers. I want to share this information with you so that you will be able to find the concealer that works best for your skin.

Concealer 101: The Art of Using Concealer

Under eye Concealer has a huge expectation and responsibility for combating various skin issues under our eyes and in turn making our faces look perfect. We buy concealer to fix our under eye circles, under eye bags, under eye wrinkles, under eye puffiness, under eye lines, under eye redness, under eye pimples and it goes on. So, in simple terms, under eye concealer ‘conceals’ irregularities.
There are many different types of under eye concealer in the beauty market, but what type of concealer works best for you?:
Powder concealer is light-weight and blends in very naturally with your foundation and skin. This concealer can also be used under and over your foundation. Powder concealer is best when used to help you with under eye circles and under eye pimples, but it will not cover very dark circles or very red pimples. Powder concealer works best for combination and oily skin types and should be applied with a brush.
Liquid concealer gives good coverage and consistency and works well to even dark and very dark under eye circles, under eye bags, under eye redness and under eye pimples. This concealer can be applied with your finger tips or a brush. Liquid concealer works best for those with dry skin.
Cream concealer gives medium to heavy coverage and gives a lot of options for use because it works well for helping with all under eye issues. This concealer should be applied with a brush in thin layers as it is easy for too much to be applied which will give a cakey look. Cream concealer can work for all skin types. Cream concealer also comes in a stick form which is great for applying directly on the problem area.
While selecting the right type of under eye concealer that works best for you is important, how do you know what is the right shade of concealer for you?
The shade of concealer that is right for you is one to two shades lighter than your skin tone. Your concealer should have a high pigment level to help with the skin irregularities that you have. If the concealer is too light of a shade, it will give you an owl look.
In the summer and winter seasons, it is very important to monitor your skin tones as they become darker and lighter respectively. This affects the shade of your concealer. It is common to have various shades of concealer to complement your skin tone at different times in the year.
What is the right way to apply under eye concealer? How do I fit it in my makeup routine?
Concealer is applied after the foundation and before finishing powder. Concealer should always be applied with translucent powder to set and prevent creasing. It is recommended to use eye cream after moisturizer under the eyes so that your concealer goes on smoothly. When applying concealer, you should start in the center under the eyes, and blend towards the inner and outer corners of the under eye. When using concealer to cover other areas on the face, simply dot concealer on with a brush or your fingertip and press and blend in the skin.

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