Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Best Cowash for Virgin Remy Hair

I must admit that I am such a product freak and became worse when I developed Alopecia Areata! Anyway, I couldn't resist myself as I was shopping in Sally's Beauty Supply store to try this new product called Coconut Cowash by As I Am. I purchased this cowash to not only try it on my daughter's hair, but also tried my new Brazilian Virgin Remy Couture Lace system. I must say this cowash is wonderful and I give it all 5 stars! The cowash smells like fresh coconuts and reminds me of the islands. It leaves the tresses moisturized, soft, shiny and smelling good. I recommend the Coconut Cowash for virgin hair systems and hair systems that have a curly, wavy, and kinky texture. By the way, the cowash is reasonably price!