Saturday, June 16, 2012

Adhesives: Putting Safety Before Beauty

Time to have a serious talk about the dangers behind adhesives used with lace wigs and hair extensions. The summer heat maximizes the effects of adhesives and extra precaution needs to be taken when choosing the right adhesive and tape. If you are not aware...some adhesives on the market can be deadly if absorbed in the skin. Countless stories has been reported with women getting sick or dying because of lace wig/extension adhesives. Adhesives absorb quickly in the skin when you are sweating and have oily skin, especially in the summer because of the heat. We have to put safety before beauty. 

Warning Signs that Your Lace Wig Adhesive is Causing Your Sickness

  1. Excessive headaches
  2. Burning sensation in adhesive areas
  3. Itchiness in adhesive areas
  4. Spasms
  5. vision blurriness
  6. memory loss
  7. slurred speech
  8. tremors
  9. weakness
  10. confusion
  11. fatigue
  12. difficulty breathing - Asthma
The chemicals that are in some adhesives that can lead to major illness are Toluene and Latex. So my advice would be to stay away from any of the products that contain these two ingredients or use extra layers of scalp protector and only have your lace hair system attached for up to seven days. 

Due to the dangers and sensitivity behind adhesives, Couture Lace Crowns does not sell any of these products or the tapes. Adhesives and tapes can be purchased at Always test adhesives in a small area of your body for allergic reaction. I cannot stress enough...ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS use a scalp protector before applying any lace adhesive.  
You do have alternatives to using adhesives that contain Toluene and Latex, which are water-based adhesives. Water-based adhesives are medically safe as well as being skin and environmental friendly. Most of the tapes on the market are water-based as well. Another alternative is wearing a Glueless lace hair system or have a full lace hair system designed with adjustable straps.

Have a Beautiful & Fantastic Hair Weekend and remember to put safety before beauty!