Friday, June 1, 2012

Stay Cool While Rocking Your Lace System this Summer

Ladies..Are you feeling the heat yet? These past few days has been HOT! During hot days like this it’s very important that we take care of our scalps and make sure we are getting the proper ventilation through our lace systems. After surviving through the hot Memorial Day weekend I thought of some ways we can stay cool while rocking our lace systems. Going bald is just not an option for some of us.  So let’s get it in.

  1. Cleansing Your Scalp Properly and Thoroughly. This is one of the most important steps prior to applying your unit. Exfoliate to remove any and all residue from your scalp.
  2. Apply Adhesive in Thin Coats & Use Thin Tape. Before apply your adhesive and tape, clean the your scalp with alcohol and apply a scalp protector around the perimeter of your scalp. This method will not only give you a better bond during the hot & humid weather, but also prevents skin irritation.
  3. Use a Knee-High vs. Wig Cap. Wig caps are too thick to wear during the summer and it increases the sweat because it blocks proper ventilation to your scalp. Use a sheer knee-high because the material is very thin and allows more ventilation to the scalp. Use can also opt for a net cap.
  4. Try Different Lace Systems Cap Styles. I normally wear lace fronts with the open caps during the summer time because it allows for the air to flow through cap to my scalp. Another cap style that would be perfect for the summer are the Glueless cap styles because you don't have to be bothered with bonding your unit.
  5.  Buns & Ponytails are perfect for the hot & humid days. Wearing your hair in buns will help protect it from overexposure from the sun.
I hope these tips will be useful in helping you stay cool this summer while rocking your beautiful lace system.
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