Monday, June 3, 2013

Loving Yourself...

"How you treat yourself tells the world how you expect others to treat you" ~ Helen MacMillan
Losing your hair at any age can be  extremely devastating physically, emotionally, mentally, and socially. For me, I no longer felt feminine, sexy, or beautiful. It took a very long time (years) when I actually looked in the mirror at myself. It was a long journey that I traveled to find that self-love and still traveling that road. I will admit that the journey can be challenging and you will hit a few rocks and stumps in the road, but you have to keep going to discover that true love for yourself.
When you start loving yourself and your flaws, others will begin to follow in line in treating you the same way. Essence's had an great article in its May 2013 issue called the "Love Yourself ToolKit". Within the article was 8 ways to love yourself and the information was great and on point. This Toolkit is for everyone no matter what you're going through in life. It's important that you love yourself!

Love Yourself Toolkit
Let Go - Tell yourself, I forgive myself and I'm putting my best foot forward. Put a stop to self blame and forgive yourself because it's the most empowering.

Commemorate A Win - Write down some goals like cleaning out your closet, reorganizing makeup, paying off bills. Write in your journal on how you accomplished the goal and the skills your used to get it done. You have just discovered your skills of strength

Play Mirror Mirror - This is a great one! Look at yourself in the mirror and say "I love you" over and over again until you feel it. My mother told me to do this a few years ago and it worked.

Build Your Bio - Write a 10 sentence autobiography that describes what's most authentic about you. Keep this bio handy to remind yourself of who you are.

Pick A Favorite Photo - Find a few favorite photos of yourself and make mental notes of at least three things that you liked about the photo.

Create a Feel-Good File - Save all inspirational texts, emails, notes, pictures on a computer and file into "Go, Me!" file. Refer this file on those days that you need it. This works alot! My mother is currently fighting the cancer battle and have several scriptures saved in a file on my phone that I visit quite often to rebuild my strength so I can be strong for her.

Make a Plan - Invest in a trendy journal and plan out how you want your life story to read.

Frame the Option of Acceptance - Print "You Deserve Happiness" on a piece of paper and frame it. Please your frame somewhere to remind yourself everyday the the happiness that you deserve.

Beauties, I hope you enjoyed reading this post for I did when I read it in my Essence magazine. I am currently working this activity now. Join me in the fun and share your progress in the box below!

**Majority of all information retrieved from Essence's May 2013 Issue.