Friday, February 22, 2013

Lashes Galore & New Sexy Gloss by Victoria's Secret

Finally Mastered Applying Faux Lashes

Yes, it took me while in applying these lashes, but I fianlly got the hang of it. I tried applying lashes back in 2008 when I had Alopecia Universalis (total all over body hair loss), but I ended up with glue in my eyes and gave The lashes shown in the pic are from Eylure Naturalites #116 purchased at Ulta for $5.99. They are a little too long for me and I was scared to trim them, but they are fancy. Next step is learning how to apply bottom lashes where I need it! Wish me luck on that one  

On my lips is Victoria's Secret New Limited Edition Sexy Kiss Aphrodisiac Gloss in Dedandent Berry. This is going to be my favorite go to gloss. It smells so good, very glossy, shiny, and just the right sparkly for me. I love the packaging too...very girly.

Have A Glamourous Weekend Beauties!

XOXO, Nicole