Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Is Your Lace Wig Customized?

Having a customized lace wig is like heaven for women like myself who has Alopecia, damaged hair, and other poor hair conditions. Buying a customized wig is a total different experience than buying a wig from your local beauty supply store.

When buying a lace wig in the beauty supply store, your options are limited to the colors in stock, average head measurements, plastic lace, french transparent lace, density, one hair type, and very few hair textures. One other important thing is that the hair you're buying is NOT Indian Remy hair, which means it's non-cuticle hair. This type of hair will last you about a month...if that.

I just recently designed a customized glueless full lace unit for a client (as shown in picture). My client was able to choose her cap style, lace type, density (very important, don't want to look wiggish), color, hair type, texture, and length. I almost forgot to mention that the lace wig will last up to a year or longef if it is taken care of properly. Being able to create your own wig is highly beneficial for countless reasons and worth the investment!

Are you having your lace wig customized to your needs? Visit www.couturelacecrowns.com and get started on designing your fabulous lace.