Saturday, November 17, 2012

Did You Know...Alopecia Areata Linked To Other Auto Immune Conditions?

Good Evening Fellow Alopecian Beauties!

I just came across a YouTube video on Alopecia Areata being linked to other auto immune conditions. The video is covered by Dr. David Clark who appears to be very well educated in the field of auto immune conditions. Please watch this video and be informed that Alopecia is just as serious as any other auto immune condition.

Now that you are educated on how Alopecia Areata can be linked to other auto immune conditions, it is time to make our doctor aware of the seriousness of it. I have been to countless doctors only to be brushed off because they lacked the education of Alopecia Areata or just did not want to take the time in researching and trying different methods.

Stay informed & Spread the Awareness!