Monday, March 19, 2012

Tired of Glue & Tape? Try Glueless Lace Wigs…

Using glue and tape to attach your lace wig can be frustrating and messy. When I first started out wearing lace wigs, I used both glue and tape for my attachments and I would make a huge mess. It took a lot of time standing in the bathroom mirror trying to achieve the right attachment.  Another problem with using glue was the allergic reaction to some of them.

I know you may be thinking, how are you going to wear your lace unit without glue and tape. Well I am here to tell you that yes you can wear your lace units without all the glue and tape. Couture Lace Crowns offers Glueless lace wigs and you can have a custom wig designed with adjustable straps. 

Glueless lace wigs offers the same benefits as the full lace wig. You can still achieve the undetectable look with the Glueless wigs. I have been wearing Glueless lace wigs for a while and I love it because it is easy and simple to apply as well as wearing. If you are in the early stages of Alopecia Areata, Glueless Lace wigs are perfect to wear when getting the cortisone shots or applying oils and creams.

Caring for your Glueless lace wig is less expensive than the full lace because you do not have to remove the glue & tape residue. To shop or customize your Glueless Lace Wig, visit