Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Difference Between Open & Closed Cap Lace Front Wig

I was asked the other day what is the difference between an open cap and closed cap lace front wig. I thought that was a good question….especially for people who have hair loss. Both cap styles offer great benefits. I personally alternate between both cap styles throughout the year to give my full lace wigs a break.  The lace front wigs are more cost effective than the full lace wig. I usually recommend my clients to purchase both a full lace and lace front wig, that way they can have one as a backup while the other is being cleaned.

Lace Front Wig – Open Cap
The lace front open cap has between 2 to 5 inches of lace in the front where the hair is hand-tied one by one, adjustable straps in the rear, and combs can be sewn on side, crown, and back. This type of cap is great for the Spring & Summer months because it allows ventilation to the head to keep the scalp cool and comfortable. The open cap can also be sewn into braids if you want added stay put protection.  The lace front can be glued or taped to the front hairline (optional), but cannot be pulled up into a high ponytail. 

Lace Front Wig - Closed Cap
This type of cap is similar and different from the open cap lace front wig. The wefted hair is sewn onto stretch material that is attached to lace in the front and rear along with having adjustable straps. I wear this cap style in the Fall & Winter months to keep my scalp nice and warm. With the lace in the rear, I can glue it to my nape to achieve a ponytail or updo hairstyle. 

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