Wednesday, October 9, 2013

{Hair Product Review} Not Your Mother's Clean Freak Refreshing Dry Shampoo

I had originally purchased this product for my daughter's hair, but it ended up to be a disaster. Maybe because I sprayed too much on her hair or it was just not meant for her hair type. Instead of throwing the bottle away, I kept it because I know I could find other uses for it. I did today. I ended up using the dry shampoo on my lace system just to see how it would turn out. Because my scalp is very oily, my lace system tends to get oily as well. I sprayed a light mist from the middle to end of the lace system and used a loop brush to brush out the dry shampoo. I added a small amount of Moroccan Oil to my hair to avoid the alcohol from drying out my ends. I must say that I was pleased with my overall look and feel of my hair. I would not use this product too much because of the alcohol content within the dry shampoo.

Tips to Using Dry Shampoo:
  • Do not use close to the lace system base.
  • Spray lightly from the mid point to end of the hair.
  • Use a loop brush to brush out dry shampoo.
  • Seal the hair with Moroccan Oil to avoid the hair from drying out from the alcohol.